David Boas Business Consultants Ltd, one of Israel’s leading consulting firms was founded in 1995. The Company offers a wide range of services including economic consultancy, strategic development and financial planning. Through its investment-banking department, the firm also raises capital and helping companies in their business roadmap toward success. The firm has been highly involved in both the public and private sectors in Israel since its establishment and provides advice to government ministries, regulatory agencies, private companies, local and international corporations. The firm is comprised of highly skilled professionals who are capable of withstanding rigorous scrutiny upon request.

The firm is headed by Mr. David Boas, formerly the Director of Budgets in the Israeli Government's Ministry of Finance (1987-1991), who, over the years, has accumulated a vast managerial experience in the public and private sectors. The firm's permanent staff consists of several economists, most of them holding graduate degrees in Economics and Business Administration.

The firm specializes in macro and micro economic analyses, designing business strategies, composing financial plans, performing valuation analyses and developing unique economic models for the analysis and resolution of complex economic issues. Our Mission is to provide the clients with advice that is independent, professional, robust, practical, focused and goal-oriented.

Practice Areas:

Business Economics

Regulatory Economics

Formulating business strategies

Financing plans for the private and public sectors

Valuations of Companies and Projects

Entrepreneurial Business Activity

Corporate Mergers

Examining and promotion of structural reforms